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    By Dr. Norbert E. Yankielun, P.E.

    Illustrated by Amelia Bauer

    Published by WW Norton & Company

         There are lots of reasons to build a snow shelter. A snow shelter can be a serious survival refuge for people who work or play in the winter backcountry. It can be a fun social experience shared by friends. Building a snow shelter in the backyard can be a wonderful educational and inexpensive afternoon family project. This book provides guidance and plans for first-time backyard builders and experienced backcountry winter campers and mountaineers to successfully construct a wide variety of snow shelters.


        This book comes from over 15 years of teaching and demonstrating the techniques and skills required for building igloos and other snow structures to large groups of outdoors enthusiasts and families. Since structural attributes of snow vary with geographic location and current weather conditions, the design and construction of several types of snow structures, each appropriate for a specific snow condition are discussed in detail.  Many of these structures can be built with little or no advance preparation, even in regions where there is minimal seasonal snowfall. Cold weather safety, shelter construction and structure habitation are also stressed.


      Table of Contents:

         1.   Introduction

         2.    Before You Build

         3.    The Igloo

         4.    The Quinzee

         5.    Slab Shelters

         6.    Drift Caves

         7.    Spruce Traps

         8.    Expedient Shelters

         9.    Spending a Night in a Snow Shelter

        10.    References and Resources


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